Arkansas Pastors’ Ministry Encourages Children to Help Other Children

Children’s Pastors Jimmy and Michell Drummond at Butterfield Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas believe that children can get involved in missions’ projects that will change the life of another child, both domestically and abroad. They impress upon children weekly how God can change the world one child at a time through a program called Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge (BGMC).

The couple transitioned to Butterfield Assembly in November 2014. After 14 years in the ministry, their hearts continue to burn with passion for today’s youth. They feel that God has called them to share the Gospel of Christ with children in their home church, as well as in other countries around the world.

“We believe in spreading the gospel everywhere. The Bible teaches us to go into all of Samaria, all of Judea, and then it says the uttermost parts of the earth,” stated J. Drummond.

As they begin to prepare for their second mission trip to Roatan, Honduras in March, they utilize the Assemblies of God Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge platform to teach students how they can put a smile on the face of another child. For the past few months, children have brought small toys, hygiene items, coloring books and crayons, and other school supplies to incorporate into more than 150 gift ministry bags for the children from Roatan.

Students not only learn how to give to missions, but they also learn about various missionaries and projects supported by their church. M. Drummond stated, “A great majority of what we do through BGMC is not so much taking out or sending money. It’s missions education. We are showing the kids what God is doing through these missionaries.”

Pastors Jimmy and Michell plan to take a team of nine people to help put in a water-well filtration system in the same community where they built a church last year. Since this past November, Butterfield’s children ages six to twelve years have raised more than $600.00 in Buddy Barrel offerings, which will help fund the cost of the filtration system.

This team will also share God’s word with hundreds of children and families. After returning from their trip, the team will share pictures and video with their students about their experience in Roatan. They expect students to positively respond to the video, creating a fire within them to share God’s word and become missions-minded.

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