Church Leaders Measure Growth Trends to Gauge Success

Church leaders across America evaluate trends for attendance, number of new converts, and finances to measure the rate of a church’s growth, but church researcher and ministry coach for 3:Strands Consulting, Kent Fillinger, explains that the best indicator of church growth is baptism ratio. According to Fillinger’s article, The Best Indicator of Church Growth, in the Christian Standard, he claims that baptisms are the best indicator of health because they reveal whether churches are reaching the unchurched or simply transplanting believers.

According to Thom Rainer, President and CEO of Lifeway Resources, in his article, Ten Rules of Thumb for Healthy Churches in America, a healthy church should experience at least 12 conversions per 100 people in average attendance each year.

Other ministry leaders, such as Stephen Blandino, lead pastor at 7 City Church in Fort Worth, TX, place an importance on growth metrics such as whether or not lives are being changed and transformed; whether or not disciples and leaders are being developed; and whether or not the church has a healthy environment or culture.

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