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Do you ever take a look at the list of movies at the movie theater and think, “I sure wish there was a movie I could take my whole family to see without all the bad language, violence, and sexual content”? Do wish that there were more biblical based movies spreading a positive message to a world full of desperation?  Do you ever think about how you can make a difference in the world? What if there was a way for the Arkansas River Valley to make a global impact for Jesus Christ by utilizing the resources we have in our local area?

We are all called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations (Mark 16:15).  How better to do that than through Christian films?! We may not all be able to travel to other countries to share our faith, but together with our local churches and communities, we can make a huge difference through filmmaking and sharing these films with the world.

This website will serve as a means for the Arkansas River Valley to not only keep up with our local community’s progress in producing Christian films, but will also offer opportunities for involvement in the process. Our goal is to create a sense of unity in our community, with one major purpose, sharing God’s word and his love for us all.

I am so excited to share this journey with you as we unravel each step of producing Christian films. We will discover various methods of scriptwriting, fundraising, and gaining community support for the film project. If the Kendrick Brothers from Albany, Georgia can do it so can we!


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