Arkansas Business Leader Serves as Community Advocate

Jeff Beauchamp, President of Bedford Camera and Video, makes serving the community his mission in life.

Jeff with Zig ZiglarThe Arkansas River Valley is a better place because of individuals like Mr. Jeff Beauchamp of Van Buren. Jeff thrives in his local community as he commits his life to helping and serving others daily. Much of Jeff’s inspiration comes from motivational teacher Zig Ziglar.

Jeff is happily married to his wife Lucy with three adult step-children whom he says he loves like his own. He enjoys fall trips to Branson, Missouri with his grandchildren, but most of all bringing them to church every Sunday.

Born in 1960 at Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith, Jeff has lived in the Arkansas River Valley his entire life. He graduated from Southside High School in 1978 before he started work in the towing business.

After seeing hundreds of accidents that took lives and hurt many more, Jeff chose to volunteer for various boards in the medical field. “It is like a puzzle…it takes each piece of the community to fit and work together.”

In addition to his passion for the medical field, he developed skills during his military training in the Air National Guard that have proved to be beneficial for Jeff. He chose to be a fire fighter with the Air National Guard. “In the military I learned about leadership, organizational skills, the levels of command, loyalty, integrity, and communication.” Jeff Receiving Award-Military

Even after his career in the military, he worked as a volunteer firefighter in two different districts for more than 20 years.

In 1984, Jeff took a sales position at Bedford’s thinking it would be a temporary job. Little did he know that 32 years later he would be President of the company. Jeff’s love for people and building relationships has driven his success. Bedford’s has six locations and will be opening a seventh location November 17th.

Additionally, Jeff serves on the Board of Directors for Fort Smith EMS, Board of Trustees, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education, Fort Smith Regional Health Care Board of Trustees, Degen Foundation Board Member, Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, 2010-2012, Fund Drive for United States Marshal Museum Fort Smith Arkansas, and Board member of Photographic Research Organization.

JeffBNot only does Jeff serve on several boards for non-profit organizations that focus on how to better serve the community, but he also works with several non-profit organizations through Bedford’s such as Champions for kids, Alzheimer’s Association, Academy of the Arts, among many others.

“Jeff has a heart for the community and is a strong motivator. He donates time, labor, and materials to many community events,” says Steve Elkins, Executive Vice-President at Bedford’s. He believes that the art of taking photos is a way of preserving memories and a quality of life, which is what makes a better community.

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While Jeff is locally plugged into the community through various non-profit organizations, he also makes a difference through his political associations. “I’ve known Jeff for about five years,” says Arkansas Senator Jake Files, “and he has been a part of the Marketplace Fairness Act legislation. He is a man who always follows his words with action. Jeff is a great asset to the community.”

“I am in the business of building relationships and serving others,” says Beauchamp. In the words of Zig Ziglar, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Beauchamp’s relentless commitment to helping others remains a cornerstone for the Arkansas River Valley community.

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