River Valley Communities Extend Online Fundraising Efforts for Boy with Cerebral Palsy

Three weeks ago, a family reached out to the community for support of their three year old son, Beckham Prescott who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Prescott’s family held a fundraiser at Goody’s Frozen Yogurt in Fort Smith, Arkansas to raise funds for him to attend a specialized therapeutic program utilizing TheraSuits.

As the Prescott family waits for confirmation regarding the dates of Beckham’s acceptance into the Therasuit Method Intensive Program (TMIP) in St. Petersburg, FL, people continue to donate toward Beckham’s cause. Pastor Ryan Rose from Butterfield Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas, a close friend of the Prescotts, set up a GoFundMe account for individuals to donate online to Beckham’s therapy. The family has received an overwhelming response, totaling more than $9,000.00 in donations.

A Facebook page for Prescott was created to promote fundraising efforts. This page also follows Prescott’s progress and milestones as he continues his journey to walk on his own. In just under three weeks, Prescott’s page has reached more than 21,000 people.

Although the Prescotts lack about $3,000 to reach their goal, they feel confident that God will provide. Beckham’s mother, Natalie Prescott stated, “We are humbled by the response from our community, friends, church, and even from those we do not know. God has blessed us and we have no doubt that He will help us raise the amount we need to get Beckham this specialized therapy.”

In addition to raising money for Prescott’s therapy, his family hopes to raise awareness of TMIP and eventually bring this type of program to Arkansas and surrounding states. “We would like for other children in our area to have the same opportunity that Beckham has been afforded through the generosity of others,” said N. Prescott.

Even though the Prescotts spend countless hours researching various tools and programs that will help their son walk, they do not view his condition as an inconvenience or hassle. Prescott expressed, “We try to treat all three of our kids the same way. We do not treat Beckham differently or like he has a disability. I don’t think Beckham sees himself as being different from anyone else either.”

Prescott’s family strives to give him as normal life as possible by allowing him to try to be self-sufficient, and even allowing him to fall, so he can have the opportunity to get back up and keep trying.

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